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Manual de Pautas – $49.95
Contains sections from the Federal Sentencing Guidelines relating to narcotics trafficking, money laundering and associated crimes. It explains how the length of a sentence is determined based on one’s criminal history, the crime committed and various other factors surrounding the defendant and circumstances of the crime. (Spanish text)

The Federal Rules of
Appellate Procedure – $34.95

The Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure contains the rules and practices by which trial court judgments are reviewed. These translated rules help the defendant gain a better understanding of the appeals process. (Contains Spanish and English text)

The Federal Rules of
Criminal Procedure – $34.95

The Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure contains the procedural rules that govern how criminal prosecutions are conducted in United States District Courts. These rules are indispensable as they provide a defendant with the tools and understanding required for a successful defense. (Contains Spanish and English text)

Order Both for $49.95

Acuerdos – $34.95 NEW
Acuerdos provides examples of documents from different federal districts that are presented to criminal defendants throughout the course of their legal proceedings. It gives defendants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with documents such as plea agreements and sentencing transcripts so that they understand the process at each stage of a criminal case. (Spanish text)